Little Phenoms- Our Little Phenom program provides children 4-8 years old with the basics of jiu-jitsu and self-defense. This program revolves around the children’s interests and needs. The best learning environment stems from activities that are challenging but attainable. Classes start with a warm up of basic jiu-jitsu movements important for building good habits and promote body awareness. Then we move onto lessons where we explain the use of the technique as well as safety tips. Our lessons are presented as games, so your child will be learning and advancing while they play. At this age we help our Little Phenoms learn cooperation, discipline, respect for themselves and others, and improving their motor skills. For each belt we strive to meet certain goals that will lead to success in competition and growth at home. If they are able to complete the techniques, listen, follow instruction, and understand mat behavior, they will be ranking up before they know it.