The best way to get a real sense of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is to stop by and take one of our Free Intro classes.  Each class includes some careful instruction on basic movements, a drill session based on those movements.  Our goal with this class is to give you a taste of what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is, so you can see why so many people around the world are hooked.
Sign up online using the form below,  make sure to arrive 15 minutes early, to fill out paperwork.
Yes, we have locker rooms with showers (bring your own towel towels)

The Free Intro classes are suitable for all fitness levels. We’ve designed our intro classes to allow anyone to jump right in, regardless of fitness background and experience.

• Come on an empty stomach.  
• Drink plenty of water before class. 
• Arrive 15-30 minutes before the class starts for registration, and gi fitting. 
• Bring a clean gi (uniform) or we have gis for sale.
• Make sure both your body and your gi are clean. 
• No strong perfume or body odors please. Personal hygiene is important
• Fingers and toe nails must be kept short. 
• Feet must be kept clean; we practice bare footed. 
• Absolutely, no bare feet off the mats. Wear slippers or shoes off the mats.
• Absolutely, no shoes on the mats.
• Jewelry or any hard objects must be taken off. 
• Wearing pads or braces (ie. knee pads, knee braces) are ok, but no hard stuff.
• Enjoy and have fun.