* Bow when entering and exiting the mat
* Greet teammates upon entering the mat.
* Welcome all guest and visitors by introducing yourself. Treat newcomers as you would like to be treated
* Use respectful language and behavior, especially around minors. No curse/swear words allowed at the
* Always use a clean, dry Gi. Do not wear the same Gi for more than two classes in a row
* Before stepping foot on the mat, make sure to have your entire Gi on as well as a properly tightened belt
* Do not remove Gi tops or rash guards until the class has ended
* Put shoes on immediately upon exiting the mat. This holds true even if you’re just going to the restroom
* Keep finger and toenails short
* Always compliment your sparring partner and shake/touch hands before and after sparring session
* Only apply as much force as needed. Never intentionally harm your training partner
* Be on time to class. If you happen to arrive late, wait at the entrance to the mat till the instructor says it’s okay for you to enter the mat
* Ask instructor’s permission to leave before exiting the mat
* Refrain from chatting while the instructor is instructing the class
* No food or gum on the mat
* When the instructor assigns a task, continue doing that task until the instructor says otherwise. You can never drill a technique too many times!
* Have fun!

Our faciility
The academy houses a 600sq/ft mat area, front desk reception, waiting room l locker rooms for both men and women each with showers, with ample parking